Gallery Kouzome Bijutsu

ARTFAIRTOKYO 2015 Booth No.N-66


Once in a while I ponder over an image.

That in the huge passage of time from long, long ago, consciousness of infinite number of various living things had existed and disappeared silently.

It’s so sad more than I can say.

The image has been sticking inside of me, sometimes bringing burning irritation.


I happen to exist at this time and place, with my consciousness belonging only to myself.  The small consciousness of mine confined within myself will disappear with me.


Feeling desolate, my eyes meet those of other living things.

My consciousness and others’ consciousness recognize each other.


What a wonder it must be!

Eyes of various living things whose consciousness should completely be different from mine have strange magnetism like a light in the dark.  Their eyes make me imagine the unknowable world somehow.


At that moment I feel as if this troubled space of universe, in which countless lonely consciousness ceaselessly flickers, were full of precious affection and weirdness and shining brightly.

It’s probably the reason I portray the eyes of living things, rather like holding onto them.