MAJIMA Hidenori

MAJIMA Hidenori

1960  Born in Ibaraki
1984  Graduated from Japanese Painting course,
Faculty of Fine Arts,TokyoNational University of
Fine Arts and Music(B.F.A)
1986  Completed Postgraduate Studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music(M.F.A)
2000  Participated in the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists
provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs(Philadelphia,U.S.A.)

Public collection
Nerima Art Museum[Tokyo]
Kushiro Art Museum[Hokkaido]
Museum of Contemporary Art Degirmendere,Degirmendere[Turkey]
The Agency for Cultural Affairs[Tokyo]
Okazaki Mindscape Museum[Aichi]
Ibaraki University[Ibaraki]
Hitachi City Museum[Ibaraki]
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo[Tokyo]
Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art,Nikko[Tochigi]
Museum of Modern Art Ibaraki[Ibaraki]

MAJIMA Hidenori

  • Water Works No19 40×17㎝

  • kinesis No339 8P

  • Untitled No2-E 40㎝Φ

  • Water Works No2-B 40×18㎝

  • water works(kinesis)N0156 5S